Hello class of 2007! We cannot believe it has already been 10 years! Below is our scheduled itinerary.

Friday Afternoon 9/22:
4:30 P.M.- Get together on the Patio @ Pop's Place.
7:00 P.M.- Football Game at AHS Stadium (against Greenwood, wear class shirts)

Saturday 9/23:
12:00 P.M.- Family Picnic @ Jefferson Park (Right across from AHS)
2:00 P.M.- School Tour & Presentation of Class Gift 
7:00 P.M.- Class Reunion at Convention Center 

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Class Reunion $ 40.00
This will be for Saturday night. The ticket price is per person.It will include dinner & entertainment
When:09/23/2017 7:00 P.M.
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Lacourtney 2x (Harris)
Shamreka Leggiton
Nikki Perez
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Charles Woodberry
Heather McKee (Bentz)
Jared Lewis
Kaitlin Jones (Lewis)
Kaitlin Lewis- Shirt
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